African communities worldwide need a special intervention, not as charity, but long-term sustainable and culturally designed initiatives that will accelerate the development and growth of the African people and communities globally.


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Why Fatherland?

Bounding together geographically, culturally, and religiously for sustainable development and growth.

We integrate the entity’s founder, worker, member, and investor interests to build wealth for everyone and advance sustainable.

We provide a wide array of culturally designed, affordable products and services and help communities and apply innovative knowledge and solutions.

Sustainable business practices, including mitigated investment risk with double gains: financial return and social impact.

We are Here to Help Our Members, Communities, Investors and Partners Achieve Their Goals

We provide innovative solutions in education, culture, economics, entertainment, investment, infrastructure driven by modern technology, and the provision of facilities that will be relevant to make them efficient.



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“Diverse communities increase the knowledge of cultural sensitivity, fairness & understanding of different backgrounds – ultimately creating a better World. According to a study by the Urban Institute: 

“Community-building investments that help build positive social relationships  across racial & ethnic lines may also help strengthen & stabilize newly diversifying neighbourhoods & enable residents to enjoy the potential benefits.” 

At Fatherland, We are Building Inclusive, Diverse, and Equal Communities of African Descent around the World through impact investments to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

CEO, Hareter Babatunde Oralusi
Fatherland Global Corporation
Building global community hubs to accelerate the development and growth of African descent and their communities.

Fatherland is a global marketplace for the African and non-African populations for authentic stories and experiences of Africans and their race. It delivers technology driven programs and services to the worldwide population targeting over 100 million members.

The Fatherland strives to serve the communities by forming strategic partnerships with national, state & local city government, stakeholders, non-profits, the private sector, neighbourhoods, and individuals in efforts that promote its unique offerings.

Fatherland was built on the foundation of impact investing and public and private partnerships for the socio-economic development and growth of disadvantaged communities and people. We started officially in 2018 in London, United Kingdom, as ForeMedia Group UK. Previously, our CEO/Chairman, Hareter Babatunde Oralusi, founded the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics and the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF Group Plc).

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