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Unlock Economic Potential Trade and Investment

Trade and cross-border investment are crucial economic growth and development drivers and reduce poverty. The Fatherland is a support center for government and businesses to facilitate foreign investment opportunities, particularly in Africa.

Financing Services | Wide Range of Solutions Provided

We provide various services, including financial analysis, portfolio management, and capital market expertise. Our experienced professionals work with clients to develop customized strategies that meet their unique needs. We also guide how to maximize returns while minimizing risk. With our help, businesses can make informed investment decisions and ensure long-term success.

Aftercare services

Investor aftercare services are provided for businesses established in the country and for company personnel from abroad joining the company. This includes information on recruitment, expansion services, and details of lifestyle amenities such as housing and schools.

Investment facilitation

Fatherland Trade and Investment provides information to investors and potential investors. This includes specialist advisory services in economic, regulatory, and legal areas, a guide to investment possibilities, and information about industrial development schemes and financial support.

Check what we can do

Fatherland Trade and Investment is a Stop Shop where we support Investors, Investment Promotion Agencies, and governments in exploring Investment opportunities in Africa by helping with information, facilitation, and aftercare. 

What We Provide

We Provide Stop Services to support investors by streamlining the process of locating opportunities and establishing a business.

What We Provide

Main Aim

Our services which are aimed at helping investors with smooth entry, efficient set-up processes and easy transition to starting operations include:

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