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November 10, 2022

The Fatherland African Arts, Culture & Heritage

Knowing where you come from is a critical component of knowing who you are. Cultural practices and traditional beliefs are an integral part of the African identity.

Most of these practices are transgenerational, preserved for different reasons among African tribes. Some of them are key in shaping African society and inculcating the true virtues of Africa in her sons and daughters.

The languages, dressing, music, work, arts, religion, dancing, African social norms, taboos and values. For Africans, understanding, valuing and embracing these parts of Africa’s cultural heritage should be crucial.  The richness of those cultures and their persistence to this day compels a rethinking of the idea of liberation heritage.

Africans have been liberating themselves through their heritage of music, dance, poetry, and language. Instead of promoting a narrow conception of freedom, those in power should use this knowledge to diversify perceptions of liberation in the continent.

As a continent, Let us also value our indigenous strategies and remedies in the fight against illness and diseases to contribute to Africa’s resilience to the Covid_19 Pandemic.

Wake up the great continent, and take those traditional herbs to laboratories. The continental institution can also help to speed up existing AU projects, such as the Great Museum of Africa and promote African languages.

Swahili, as a commonly spoken language, should be learned by every descendant of the continent to ease the regional integration processes, as well as lobby for the protection of artifacts. 

By considering all of these, the address of the dynamics of the globalized economy as a means of ensuring competitiveness through the best options available in the field of culture and will yield a lot.

With the birth of the Fatherland initiatives across the globe, millions of people will be able to see and learn about Africa’s fascinating culture and traditions.

The Fatherland is currently involved in an innovative Primary and Secondary School program, which educates African descendants and their children about Africa’s magnificent culture and excellent traditional values.

In our quest to emphasize the role arts, culture and heritage can play as catalysts for the socio-economic development and integration of Africa, and in showing the efficacy of traditional African cultural practices, there should be a call to modify harmful cultural and social practices and benchmark with the best.

This is how we can fly our African identity in our hearts and around the world.

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