Fatherland is a trusted partner to governments globally.

Governments are focused on building more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable economies. They are doing this through a public-private partnership and other models. For example, Fatherland partnering with the Government through community economic development, tourism, trade & investment, data & insight, and public policy.

Government Engagement

Fatherland helps to build highly collaborative and productive partnerships across private and public sectors — focused on jointly solving significant government challenges with the highest security standards to ensure citizen trust and confidence.

How We Support Government to Provide Community Solutions that Demonstrate Results

We will work with Government to design community solutions demonstrating success and help them serve more individuals, families, and communities. Bringing together our global network, partners, and technologies to help the public sector find practical solutions to social and economic development and growth of Africans and their communities.

Employment & Entrepreneurship

Affordable Housing Solution

“African Americans represent 40% of homeless individuals in the US according to the 2018 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development.

Homelessness rates show persistent racial and ethnic disparities, with African Americans comprising the largest share of shelter users while the share for Whites keeps decreasing. Fatherland Affordable Housing Solution was created to form partnership with the government and some of its development partners to construct and deliver good quality, low-cost housing to communities with the greatest need.

Ensuring that everyone has access to decent employment and market opportunities.

We work to empower people to take greater control of their own lives, so they have the skills needed to attain secure, decent incomes and fulfilling employment opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a critical factor in advancing human development. Creating and sustaining businesses increases job opportunities and household income. Our programs promote partnerships with public and private stakeholders to help people better understand market demand and business opportunities.

Trade & Investment

Trade and cross-border investment are crucial economic growth and development drivers and reduce poverty. The Fatherland is a support center for government and businesses to facilitate foreign investment opportunities, particularly in Africa.  

Trade and investment are powerful to take advantage of global market forces–competition, human resource development, technology transfer, and technological innovation—that generate growth.

Data Insight

Strong data capabilities are vital in navigating the significant shifts in consumer behavior and economic environments. They are essential to supporting policy decision-making, enhancing operational efficiencies, and responding to urgent challenges by tracking and analyzing real-time information. Fatherland Data & Services focus on demographics, businesses, healthcare, media use, and lifestyles of African descent.

Public Policy

We support the Government’s public policies that shape citizens’ lives in the most sustainable ways. Fatherland public policy team collaborates with the Government and a group of international public policy specialists to develop sustainable policies that can improve the lives of Black and minority communities by working with local and civic leaders, councils, governments, and the private sector.

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