African Descendants of young people possess tremendous talent and energy. However, lack of capacity, discrimination, and prejudice results in a lack of opportunities, exploitation, and under-representation of black skills in society. Fatherland Employment and Entrepreneurship programs aim to empower young people with the opportunity to Learn, Create, Distribute, and Monetize across different sectors. In addition, we are committed to connecting young people through various programs that include African Food Accelerator Program and Black Creative Stars Accelerator.

African Food Accelerator Program

The African Food Accelerator Program is an exciting new initiative from the Fatherland. This unique Fatherland program, which is part of the Fatherland Economic and Community Development Sector, will focus on mentoring and investing (via the FairShares Network), in innovative food start-up companies that aim to promote African food on a global scale. —Thereby making African food readily available for the international food and restaurant industry and helping to create more jobs for African. This program is designed to empower skillful young Africans passionate about the commercialization, promotion, and availability of African cuisine worldwide as is seen with Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, and Italian cuisine. This program is in partnership with the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics.

Black Creative Stars Accelerator

Fatherland is building an ecosystem for Black creators and artists to achieve their potential. It is a career accelerator program for ages 16 – 30 years old. It aims to empower young Black people especially those passionate about the arts with the opportunity to learn, create, distribute, and monetize Afrocentric content across the global digital entertainment landscape. Fatherland is committed to providing mentorship and tools for understanding creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in collaboration with professionals and Ambassadors. Also, fatherland collaborates with ForeMedia Group empowering African creatives to have a voice on a global scale.

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