Fatherland Foundation is a non-profit organization created to promote and protect African art, culture, faith, tourism, and tradition in the U.S and around the world and give a social-cultural identity to young African descents.

Why Are We Here?

Celebrating Diversity

Provide donations/sponsorship to promote African Arts and culture programs in schools and communities.

Bridging Cultures

To sponsor and host African- American youth in a cultural and transatlantic project overseas.


To organize cultural and educational events in the U.S. and worldwide that seek to build peace in the communities and international corporations.

Cultural Education

Cultural learning is essential to understanding our roots, who we are, and who our ancestors were. Intangible African heritage comprises the performing arts, rituals, and oral tradition; tangible African heritage covers historical manuscripts, paintings, sculptures, and other essential artifacts; and African natural heritage refers to the beautiful natural geology and environment endowed upon the great Continent of Africa.
The Fatherland Foundation believes it crucial for school children to learn about their African heritage because, when they come to a correct understanding, they can link up with the value of this extraordinary inheritance, which will empower them to apply it to their lives confidently.

Why Cultural Learning?

The Fatherland is committed to protecting Africa’s glorious cultural heritage by educating African & African descendent youths through its Explore Culture Learning Program. This initiative will empower current generations, make Africans proud of their unique culture & help them work towards achieving their best lives. This is because African culture is intertwined with beneficial ways of living & being proud, productive members of our global society.

Oral Traditions of Africa

“Throughout Africa, storytelling, proverbs, and folktales, served as popular oral traditions. The latter were practiced by talented poet-musicians (named griots). In order to preserve West Africa’s legacy and wonderful history, the griots also performed drama, dance, and music. Visitors to the Fatherland African Creative City will be able to enjoy these inspiring live performances given by well-known traditional elders.”

Transatlantic Exchange Program

Fatherland Foundation’s introducing an altruistic Transatlantic Exchange program to support young graduates from in Diaspora and Africa who can travel across the continents to learn about the Africans and culture across the continent. This program empowers young US graduates and undergraduates to know about Africa’s culture first-hand, thus allowing them to gain an in-depth understanding that will benefit them. And young graduates travel from Africa to the US (& vice versa) in the summer.

As the United Nations states: “Cultural exchange also adds value to lives by inspiring new forms of artistic expression. Visitors create new networks &learn how to talk & interact with people from other cultures. In addition, cultural exchange programmes help individuals to adjust & learn about new environments.

Cultural Heritage and Tourism to Africa

It is time for Africans to Know Africa and enjoy the good nature of the motherland. Non-Africans have told African stories. Fatherland Foundation organizes Cultural Heritage and Tourism to Africa, allowing participants to enjoy the authentic African experience.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, cultural tourism is “movements of persons for essentially cultural motivations such as study tours, performing arts and cultural tours, travel to festivals and other cultural events, visits to sites and monuments, travel to study nature, folklore or art, and pilgrimages.

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