About Fatherland

Highlighting the Fatherland Attractions

Fatherland is a global enterprise that promotes Afro-centric culture and values while also facilitating social and economic development. We aim to create community hubs for Africans and their descendants worldwide, as well as attract non-African tourists looking for an authentic African experience.

Global Community

The Fatherland Global Community provides exclusive programs and premier benefits across various areas such as travel, lifestyle, culture and history, entertainment, and more to over 100 million targeted members. The Fatherland community Hubs aims to fulfill the economic, recreational, and entertainment needs of its members, and membership is open to anyone over 18.

Prime Advantage : Extraordinary Benefits

Unlimited Access to Cultural and Spiritual Education

Great deals on Fatherland Travel Packages (including Pilgrimages)

Access to Fatherland Business Community, phenomenal business networking opportunities.

Discounts on hundreds of events and programs worldwide, from guided walks, lectures & concerts to special programs for kids.

African traditional medicine and herbal healing Tips

One-year Free membership Subscription for ForeTVHub, the All-in-One Afrocentric Entertainment Platform.

Generous discounts on Fatherland Properties around the world

Unlimited Access and Premium Services to Fatherland Cities & Centres, Intercultural commercial and social opportunities

The chance to expand your social circle by meeting like-minded people for friendship and romance

Monthly Virtual Self-Development Workshops

Access to Investing in the promising Fatherland Fairshares businesses

Up to 50% Discount on any product purchase on ForeMedia Store, Handcrafted, Vintage, and Craft Marketplace.

The Lowdown on Fatherland African Creative City

Fatherland is creating African Creative City in major cities worldwide, which will showcase the rich culture, cuisine, and arts of Africa. These cities will offer a variety of entertainment options for all age groups, featuring traditional African architecture and amenities such as concert halls, theaters, museums, art galleries, food courts, studios, and amusement parks. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the authentic African environment and traditional huts.

Our Key to Success

Fatherland is committed to serving African communities by collaborating with government agencies, stakeholders, and nonprofits to promote the African community and its unique offerings. We aim to create several opportunities for Africans that will generate employment opportunities for locals and bring significant economic benefits to the African Continent.

History of Our Mission Entity

Fatherland Global Corporation (Fatherland) is a holding company incorporated in Delaware and operates from New York, Atlanta, Florida, London, Dublin, Lagos, and others.

The enterprise is built on the foundation of impact investing and public and private partnerships for the socio-economic development and growth of disadvantaged communities and people. We started officially in 2018 in London, United Kingdom, as ForeMedia Group UK. Previously, our CEO/Chairman, Hareter Babatunde Oralusi, founded the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics and the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF Group Plc).

Expanded to the United States

In 2020, ForeMedia Group Inc was established in the United States. ForeMedia Group is a pioneer company in bringing quality Afro-centric entertainment to audiences worldwide with over 1,600 Afrocentric creators and Artists around the World.

A New Force Enters

In 2022, the products and services were divided in two, creating the Fatherland brand, focusing on Culture, Community Economics, Tourism, and Public Sector Engagement. This led to the creation of the holding company Fatherland Global Corporation.

The Fatherland Global Corporation owns the ForeMedia Group and Fatherland subsidiaries and SPVs for successfully implementing the idea of a better world for ALL.


This state-of-the-art innovative project, which has been pioneered at a very important juncture in human history, is headed by renowned visionary, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Hareter B. Oralusi, M.S., the Co-Founder, and CEO of the world renowned ForeMedia Group.

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